Whether you are looking to invest, raise new funds, sell your business, or improve your reporting, our Advisory Services are here to help.

We support the sustainability journey of investment and PE funds. We help you set up your ESG framework, train your teams, research sustainability trends disrupting your investment sectors, ensure conformity with EU taxonomy and SFDR, launch Article 8 / Article 9 funds.

In a fast-moving energy transition where non fossil sources including bio-energies should reach 75% of total by 2040 (IEA NZE scenario) we analysed the prospects of the European biogas and biomethane markets for a major European bank willing to invest in the sector.

We conduct due diligence on potential acquisitions, with a focus on ESG dimensions. We assess climate transition risks through its 4 dimensions: regulatory and legal risks, technological risks, market risks, and reputational risks.

In the framework of a fund due diligence, we analyzed the target asset climate physical and transition risks, and identified protective and proactive resiliency measures with the potential to increase business and asset value.

We supply funds and organisations with investment opportunities to increase deal flow or support activity diversification.

For a plastic packaging company, we analyzed the US PE Recycling Market and identified potential partnerships and/or tuck-in acquisitions based on pre-defined selection criteria (location, capacity, PE specialization).

We help you identify and quantify eligible projects and relevant green financing products.

A Sustainability Value Initiative at a coal port terminal allowed the terminal to formalize its diversification strategy out of coal in the framework of its sustainability roadmap. This diversification plan allowed the company to raise $515M in green financing (Green Bond & Sustainability Linked Loan).

We identify and formalize sustainability key actions and differentiation factors to be included in equity story / IPO documents, etc.

A waste management company was able to leverage the Sustainability Value Initiative project we conducted in their financial communication, highlighting its pioneering circular economy strategy and actions. Company was purchased at a record EBITDA multiple by financial investors looking for a major player in the environmental field.

We assist in the selection and completion of reporting and ratings assessment based on companies’ goals and objectives / requirements (GRESB, CDP, SASB, SDG, TCFD, Ecovadis, etc.). This includes the assessment and challenge of existing material, estimation of target score and development of action plan. Post submission, we review results to identify areas of improvement.

We write sustainability reports for our clients that position the company in the sustainability transition as well as detail its sustainability performance.

With our support, an international container terminal was able to double its score at its GRESB assessment on its second submission.